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DOSEURO DOSING PUMPS - Doseuro Dosing pumps Description

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Eco-Potential is an exclusive distributor of dosing pumps by Doseuro S.R.L. (Italy). Doseuro S.R.L. is a leader in the sphere of industrial dosing systems. Eco-Potential supplies dosing pumps to Russia and CIS countries.

Dosing pumps are used when maximum accuracy of chemical feeding is needed or when pumping of defined liquid volumes during exact time periods is needed.


  • Fine organic synthesis, petrochemical industry and oil and gas production branches;
  • Energy production and pharmacology;
  • Perfume and cosmetics production;
  • Paints and varnishes production;
  • Coagulants and flocculants dosing.

The design of Doseuro metering pumps ensures high reproducibility and repeatability of results. Accuracy of the volume measured by the dosing system, which is required by the standards of the oil and gas industry and water treatment (GOST R 52501 (ISO 3696), CE, ASTM 1193, CAP), is constant in time and does not depend on changes in the characteristics of flow in the pipeline.

Doseuro Dosing pumps include 3 main series of pumps operating on the principle of positive displacement:

SR – plunger or piston pumps (A, D, FM types);

PDP – diaphragm pumps;

SDP – solenoid diaphragm pump with a built-in microprocessor.

Advantages of dosing pumps:

  • High precision at low pressure;
  • Ability to work in aggressive and toxic environments.

Plunger dosing pumps are productive, compact, highly effective and energy-efficient. SPD series plunger pumps are best suited for remotely-controlled automated systems. 

Microprocessing technology ensures:

  • Advanced exploitation safety;
  • Smooth energy-saving adjastments;
  • Dosing pumps monitoring, which guarantees high precision of compliance with the technological process;
  • Economical use of reagent.

Eco-Potential Company is an exclusive distributor of Doseuro S.R.L. products to all regions of the Russian Federation.

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