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TORO EQUIPMENT (Spain) is a leading European company specialized in the design and manufacture of equipment for industrial and urban wastewater treatment, water processing, water reuse and sludge treatment. They offer not only design and manufacture of equipment as well as commissioning but also organization of special seminars and workshops for dealers and partners. Production process quality is certified according to European standards.

Sand traps, rotary sieves, screw conveyors and mechanical screens are manufactured under Defender trademark.


Rotary sieves of TR series are pre-treatment polishing equipment in the process of removing solid-liquid waste through a filter drum formed by a grating or perforated mesh of different diameter depending on the type and amount of solids being treated. In municipal water they frequently permit replacement of primary clarifiers, providing elimination of coarse sands and up to percentages of 30% of grease and effluent excess.

Operation principle:

  • The discharge to be treated enters through the flange located on the outside of the screen body, being uniformly distributed by the spillway and overflow over the drum filter.
  • The solids are retained on the drum surface while it rotates, the discharge entering through the mesh performs a self-cleaning function as it passes again through the bottom of the drum.
  • On passing through the external scraper, solids are detached from the mesh, and fall from the scraper thanks to gravity.

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