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Polymer station PL is designed for automatic preparation of flocculant solution from granulated powder. It includes a stand-alone controller. On request, a dosing pump, a feeding pump and a dry chemical gauger can be added.

Polymer stations of PL-XX type are designed for preparation of flocculant solution with concentration of 0,05-0,25%. Stations of PL-XXM type are equipped with mixers of higher capacity. That is why the concentrations range from 0,25 to 0,5%. The standard material of the station is stainless steel. On request, the station can be made of SS400/SS41, SUS316 steel, PP, PVC and FRP.

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Operating principle:

Depending on the desired concentration, a predetermined volume of water and dry chemical agent are fed into the dissolution tank. Water supply is carried out through an automated system of valves. Dry chemical agent is supplied automatically from a charging hopper via a dosing auger. Simultaneously with the beginning of the water supply, or a certain time before (set a timer) the mixers start working. The solution level in the tank is controlled by level sensors.


We also supply charging hoppers of Yang Chang Company. These hoppers may be used as a separate chemical agent dosing element, in case of independent assembling.          

The hopper is supplied with a dosing auger with manual adjustment and an inspection window for dry chemical agent level control.     


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