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MITSUBISHI Ultrafiltration Membrane Module - Mitsubishi for MBR

Membran Modul

Eco-Potential Ltd. is pleased to announce the appearance of a completely new for the Russian market equipment - immersion membrane ultrafiltration modules of Mitsubishi (Japan). Submerged Membrane modules allow the implementation of modern wastewater treatment technology in a membrane bioreactor (MBR). This technology makes it possible to achieve the quality of purified water that meets the requirements for discharge into fishery water reservoirs. The technology of ICBM is indispensable in conditions of limited space for the construction of purification and high purity requirements.

Membran Modul

Eco-Potential Ltd. is the official distributor of Mitsubishi's membrane modules in the territory of the Russian Federation. We offer a product whose high quality has been tested by decades of successful operation on more than 3,000 Mitsubishi facilities. Reducing the cost of membranes in recent years has made it possible to use membrane technologies in sewage treatment plants of low productivity. In terms of the price / quality of the membrane, Mitsubishi has a competitive advantage over other manufacturers in the market.

The company Eco-Potential LLC has assembled membrane modules at its own plant in Russia under a license agreement with Mitsubishi, which additionally gives advantages to the proposed product. The successful, more than 5-year experience in the operation of Mitsubishi membrane modules at the facility in Russia shows the reliability and durability of the product.

Мембранный модуль MITSUBISHI-01.png
Highly qualified employees of the company Eco-Potential LLC will advise you on all questions regarding:

  • Selection of membrane modules for your project (new construction or reconstruction)
  • Selection of all auxiliary equipment for the operation of membrane modules
  • Features of membrane bioreactor technology for wastewater treatment (domestic or industrial)
  • Conduction of commissioning works on structures with ICBMs on Mitsubishi membranes
  • Consultations in the calculation of sewage treatment facilities using ICBM technology


The membrane module is a stainless steel frame in which the required number of membrane elements are placed. Each membrane element has two outlets (top and bottom) for pumping out the permeate.

The main advantages of ultrafiltration:

  • Complete removal of suspended solids
  • Substantial reduction of the occupied space (the capital costs for construction are reduced)
  • Increased stability of the system to fluctuations in the concentration of contaminants
  • Minimal use of reagents

Membrane technologies in the field of wastewater treatment, in particular ultrafiltration, have been used for many years in many countries of the world. Ultrafiltration technology of separation of solutions is successfully used both in food, chemical, microbiological and other industries, and for cleaning domestic wastewater.

Eco-Potential Ltd. offers as membranes the use of hollow fiber-tubes of different thicknesses. The action of the ascending flow of the air-water mixture of the fibers is carried out by the colourant movements. This makes it possible to effectively remove sediment from the surface of the membranes

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