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The company "Eco-Potential" offers a large selection of high-quality materials for biological water treatment. All the products on sale are certified. If you are looking for a biofilter capable of cleaning the maximum amount of waste, we recommend buying a biological load of Matala.

Bio-loading is made in the form of flat-shaped sheets, consisting of an array of interwoven fibers of a durable polymer. Effective filtration technology provides a significant free volume (up to 94%) and the ability to purify the maximum number of drains.



  • Environmental safety;
  • Long service life;
  • A large specific surface area, which provides for effective effluent treatment (460 m² / m³ in FSM460 modification);
  • Simplicity of regeneration - all you need to do is blow the biofilter with a powerful air stream, shake it or rinse it under the stream of water (in case of heavy pollution);
  • Simplicity of installation - biological treatment filters have a rigid structure and do not need an individual frame when installed in a container.
Principle of operation of MATALA
A biofilm consisting of microorganisms is self-build on Matala sheets. The best film is visible on products of gray color with maximum density, which are used in the last stage of biological treatment.
Биологическая очистка матала
Biofilm on bio-loading
Separated biofilm

Wastewater treatment with MATALA equipment
The Matala biofiltration system is suitable for use in large-capacity water treatment plants, including effluents containing a high concentration of solid inclusions. Due to the close arrangement of the fibers, a uniform flow is formed, allowing a rapid increase in the required amount of biomass. Thus, a high degree of biological purification of effluents is achieved.

Storm water treatment stations
The use of Matala biofilters provides effective purification of stormwater from solid particles.

Gardening. Application of MATALA equipment in the garden
In tanks designed for sludge water, biological treatment using Matala filters with low density is used. Due to the consistent installation of sheets with different densities, it is possible to achieve effective cleaning without blocking and anaerobic areas. Filters can be installed in multi-chamber filtration chambers, which allows to provide the most high-quality biological treatment.

Листы матала.png
Other applications for MATALA equipment
The biofiltration system is optimally suited for use in fish farms. The biofilter is used for the cultivation of mollusks, mussels, as well as plankton, including nitrifying microorganisms. The presence of a large number of bacteria significantly improves the quality of natural filtration and the balance of the aquatic environment.

Along with filters for biological treatment, Matala implements a wide range of equipment used to clean pools, as well as ponds and other small bodies of water. Many devices can be used in combination with biofilters, submersible pumps, as well as fountain installations. Matala filters provide cleaning of a large volume of waste per unit of time and reliably protect the equipment from clogging with mechanical particles.

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