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2015 NEW: XP Series

Миникомпрессор HIBLOW

Eco-Potential Company sells products from leading manufacturers of wastewater treatment equipment. All products are warranted. There are various types of air-blowers including diaphragm ones produced by the Japanese company Techno Takatsuki on sale. This equipment has high performance.


  • Wastewater treatment;
  • Equipment for local sewage plants;
  • Fish breeding and transportation;
  • Medicine;
  • Scientific research.

Eco-Potential offers the whole range of Hiblow air-pumps with capacity from 20 l/min to 200 l/min.


  • Low level of noise and vibration;
  • No rubbing parts;
  • Simple construction;
  • High quality materials;
  • Considerable performance at low power consumption;
  • Decrease in air flow pulsation due to a chamber of a specific form and a silencer;
  • Waterproof execution IP55.

To get more information about Hiblow pumps, please contact our specialists who are always ready to help in equipment selection.

Hiblow СP and Hiblow WP

Миникомпрессор HIBLOW

Chamber Block for XP

Eco-Potential Company offers chamber blocks for Hiblow air pumps. All the products are completely authentic. The elements included in the chamber block are one hundred percent compatible with Hiblow pumps.

Hiblow air pumps maintenance

Hiblow trademark belongs to the Japanese company Techno Takatsuki which has 50-years’ experience in development and production of air pumps. Their equipment is characterized by high reliability, low noise level and compact size.

Hiblow pumps operation principle is based on electromagnetic vibration. In contrast to traditional air pumps, Hiblow pumps have a longer operation cycle due to the absence of wearing parts. Another important advantage is lower energy consumption.

However, even reliable Hiblow pumps sometimes need maintenance and repair. The main reasons of failures are power line surges, moisture ingress and diaphragm fatigue failure. You can quickly fix the equipment with a Hiblow chamber block.

Chamber block includes:

  • safety bolt;
  • two valve covers;
  • two diaphragms.

Our specialists are always willing to answer any questions regarding chamber blocks and spares selection. By working directly with the manufacturers, we are able to set minimum prices for the products. Eco-Potential has its own industrial base and offers repair services, commissioning and servicing.

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