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The oil skimmer model S 100 is designed to remove floating oil from large basins and tanks with changing water level. Because of the special design, the oil skimmer is able to lift the oil up to 20 m high. During operation the water level may change up to 2m. The oil collector tube can be guided on the water surface so that the oil collector tube is able to pick up the oil from every part of the basin.


The oil collector tube creates a movement on the water surface. The floating oil is driven towards the oil collector tube. The oil sticks to the outside of the oil collector tube and will be drawn into the oil skimmer. Special high wear resistant ceramic scrapers remove the oil from the surface of the oil collector tube and the oil floats into a waste oil collecting tank. The oil skimmer can be mounted up to 600 mm of water surface.

Because of the strong design the oil skimmer model S 100 can operate continuously 24 hours a day. In order to avoid wear, all parts that touch the oil collector tube are made of high abrasive resistant ceramic. The oil skimmer is made of corrosion proof stainless steel. Depending on the viscosity and thickness of the oil layer the capacity of the oil skimmer reaches up to 500 l/h. Many different options allow you to adapt the oil skimmer model S 100 to nearly all kinds of applications.

Technical data:

Drive power: 2 x 0,18 kW

Oil capacity: max. 300 l/h

Working temperature: -20 °C to +95 °C

Dimensions incl. oil collecting pan in mm: W*L*H: 810 x 340 x 482

Surface of basin: min. 1300 x 1300 mm

Installation height above liquid: max. 20 m

Length of the oil collector tube: max. 100 m

Weight: 40,0 kg

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