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Application of disk microfilter:
In water treatment systems for mechanical water filtration
Reagent removal of phosphates with coagulation and flocculation of circulating water supply systems (including systems for recovery of cooling water of industrial enterprises)
In the Pulp and paper and food industries
In systems of circulating water supply of fish farms

Дисковый фильтр для мехочистки Дисковый фильтр для механической очистки воды
Disk microfilters are used for detention of the weighed substances of different nature. In treatment facilities, disc filters can be used to remove suspended solids from treated wastewater. If in the technological scheme of purification the stage of post-treatment on biological loading with the attached biomass is applied, the disk microfilter will allow to filter particles of a biofilm from the cleared water. Removal of suspended solids from treated wastewater improves the quality of treated wastewater in terms of COD/BOD, total nitrogen and phosphorus. Reduction of suspended solids content in waste water has a positive effect on disinfection efficiency by ultraviolet irradiation unit.

To order this equipment You can by phone 8 800 301-01-88 (toll-free in Russia)

The content of suspended solids in treated wastewater is mainly determined by the efficiency of the secondary sedimentation tank and the stages of post-treatment. It is known that 1 mg/l of suspended solids from the secondary sedimentation tank contributes to the increase in the following indicators: BPK5 from 0.3 to 1.0 mg/l, COD from 0.8 to 1.4 mg/l, total nitrogen 0.08 to 0.1 mg/l, total phosphorus from 0.02 to 0.04 mg/l.Similar data are observed in the removal of biofilms in bioreactors with attached microflora.

Дисковый фильтр для механической очистки сточной воды
The cell size in the range of 20-50 microns is the most optimal prozor for the detention of activated sludge particles.
Installation disk microfilters to filter waste water at the outlet of the secondary clarifiers to prevent the ingress of particles of active sludge in treated sewage water.

With the aim of increasing the total efficiency of contaminant removal at the treatment plant construction required to install equipment, which effectively delay the suspended solids. Currently, for this purpose, are actively used disk-type microfilters, allowing the process of filtering through the mesh with a gap of 5 to 200 microns.

High performance with small dimensions
Low wash water consumption
Low maintenance
High degree of purification achieved by suspended solids
Fully automatic operation without operator intervention
Long service life of filter cloth.
Currently disk microfilters are mainly produced by foreign manufacturers. In the framework of the import substitution program the company OOO NPP HYDREX developed the design of the disk polymer filter with a microfilter cloth.

The disc filters in the power of your device will not allow suspended matter, particles which are larger than the mesh opening size of the micro-filter. The main characteristic of the disc filter is the capacity of purified water at different concentrations of suspended matter in waste water and different prozorah mesh filter cloth.

To order this equipment You can by phone 8 800 301-01-88 (toll-free in Russia)

Structurally, the DFG disc microfilter consists of a number of discs attached to the rotor drum. Each disc consists of easily removable segments fitted with a synthetic filter cloth on both sides. The number of discs in the housing, as well as the size of the pores of the filter material determines the performance of the filter and its application. Each segment can be replaced on-site without disassembling the main filter design.

Disc microfilter is made of stainless steel grades 304SS or 316SS. Material used filter cloth-polyester or stainless steel 304SS or 316SS.

The feed water is supplied to the filter disc rotor. Getting into the inner cavity of the disc through the holes in the rotor drum, the water passes by gravity through the filter segments of the discs. Suspended solids are separated and collected on the filter cloth inside the discs.

The driving force of the filtration process is the difference in liquid levels on different sides of the filtering cloth. Upon reaching the water level inside the disc above a certain level, the rotor begins to rotate, and at the same time reverse flushing of the filter element with nozzles is activated. It is carried out by a part of the filtrate, which is fed under high pressure into the washing nozzle. Backwash removes accumulated solid particles from the surface of the filter element into the outlet chute located inside the filter. Together with the wash water, pollutants are discharged through the exhaust pipe.
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