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VOLUTE screw dehydrator


The problem of sludge processing and utilization is rather topical for many cities, towns and manufacturing plants. Nowadays, a huge volume of partially dehydrated or half-stabilized sludge arises in the majority of WWTP. Sewage sludge treatment should be conducted in order to reduce the volume of sludge and to prepare it for further use or disposal.

Our company monitors eco-friendly innovative methods of wastewater treatment, thus bringing its contribution to the solution of environmental problems. We assmble screw dehydrators using the unique technology developed by Japanese engineers from Amcon Inc. Company.

Advantages of VOLUTE scew dehydrator: 
  • The screw dehydrator is designed for dewatering of any kind of sludge formed during wastewater treatment;
  • The unit dehydrates the sludge with suspended solids concentration from 2000 mg/l to 35000 mg/l. The humidity of dewatered cake is 81% and less, depending on wastewater composition;
  • Installed thickening zone eliminates the need for auxiliary equipment for sludge thickening and allows low-concentrated sludge (over 2000 mg/l) dewatering;
  • Dehydrator design prevents clogging and, thus, the need for huge volumes of washing water;
  • Absence of high-rate and high-speed units makes the machine more reliabe and reduces noise and vibration levels;
  • Power and water consumption is less than in any other dewatering systems;
  • Small size and weight of the unit allow space-saving placement in the WWTP;
  • The unit operates automatically and does not require constant maintenance staff control.
  Шнековый обезвоживатель AMCON

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