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Volute dehydrator consists of the following components:

Dewatering drum is the core of the system; it thickens and dehydrates the sludge.

Flocculation tank is used for chemical agent and sludge mixing. Chemical agent is supplied by a dosing pump which is not included in the delivery set. After mixing, the sludge bounded with chemical agent is fed to the dewatering drum.

Control panel ensures a totally automatic mode of operation. It also controls external units: a sludge supply system and a polymer station.

In the washing system the water is used only for washing down sludge from the drum surface. Because rings are being constantly displaced relative to each other, the drum will never be clogged.

 Dewatering principle

One section of the drum is intended for the sludge thickening and the other one for the sludge dewatering. The filtrate flows out of the thickening zone, made of stainless steel, under gravity force. In the dewatering zone, made of stainless steel, the screw spiral pitch is narrowing and the pressure in the drum is growing. The filtrate flows through the gaps between the rings. A clamping plate (E) mounted at the end of the screw (Fig. 2) increases the internal pressure in the drum. Dehydrated cake humidity at the output is of 81% or less.

Dewatering drum

The dewatering drum consists of the screw which is rotating with a constant speed in the cylindrical casing. The casing consists of interlacing fixed rings, movable rings and gaskets. The spiral pitch is narrowing from the thickening zone to the dewatering zone.

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