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MATALA AND HYDRIG AERATION SYSTEMS AIRO-HYD - Matala disk aerator (diffusor)

Matala diffusor is a plastic frame with a disc-shaped diaphragm made of siliceous rubber. The air supply pipe is situated at the bottom of the aerator. It is used to fix the aerator to the supply line. The membrane is fixed to the body by stainless steel straps. The aerator is equipped with a counter-pressure ring. A siliceous rubber diaphragm allows the use of a disk aerator even in hostile environments.

Дисковый аэратор MATALA

Disk aerators advantages:

  • All components are made of high quality material that allows the use of aerators even in hostile environments;
  • A counter-pressure ring prevents water ingress into the aerator;
  • The air is released only through the membrane. An intense flow of a bubbly substance is created;
  • It is resistant to hydrodynamic shocks;
  • There is low pressure loss when air is passing through the aerator.

Дисковый аэратор MATALA


  • Aerators consist of disks with a diameter of 225 and 310 mm.
  • To ease the mounting process, pads (saddles) for any pipe diameter are provided.
  • Saddles are easily wound on the thread inlet of the aerator.
  • When using aerators in high capacity stations the process of service is greatly facilitated.
  • It enough to replace one element rather than dismantle the entire system of aeration which makes the maitenance of disk aerators at stations of high capacity easier.

Дисковый аэратор MATALA

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