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CHECK VALVES PROFLEX 700 SERIES - ProFlex® Style 750 Inline check valve

This check valve is designed for heavy duty applications where elements such as abrasive slurries or sludge are present. The enclosed body check valve features a maintenance free design with no hinges or seals to bind or freeze. Operation costs become obsolete due to the fact that no external power sources are required.

The internal valve features low head loss with a full port design, which opens with minimal head pressure, and closes with any back pressure exerted on the valve. The 750 Series valve is provided with two clean out ports, and is manufactured of Carbon Steel with an Epoxy coating. The bolting dimensions are in accordance with ANSI 125/150# pattern.


  • Available in sizes 2” through 36”

  • No hinges or seals that bind and freeze

  • Abrasion resistant elastomer

  • Maintenance free

  • Provides exceptional backflow prevention

  • Full port inline design

In addition, the unique advantage of the valve is its ability to offer zero valve slam which can often occur upon pump shut down. Valve slam is the amount of energy applied to the downstream seat of any valve when flow comes back or attempts to close the seat when a pump shuts off. If the energy is great enough, it will destroy a steel bodied valve. This is why the Series 750 valve is becoming so popular – the rubber duckbill check valve inside absorbs the energy that would normally be absorbed by a steel valve.

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