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CHECK VALVES PROFLEX 700 SERIES - Proco Series 700 ProFlex® Check Valve

Proco Products, Inc. is the world’s largest and most respected supplier of expansion joints and Rubber Duckbill check valves. Our latest contribution to the industry is our Series 700 ProFlex® check valve series. Benefits of the ProFlex® Valve are greatly reduced operational costs, prevention from animals or insects lodging or disturbing the flow of liquids from outfall pipes, easy opening which prevents flooding commonly associated with defective swing types.

Manufactured completely from rubber with top quality fungicide and barnacle resistant rubber, the 700 check valves are available with NSF61 certified elastomers. They are also a “zero maintenance” valve with a simple design that allows effluent to force the two opposing rubber lips apart permitting flow, yet quickly closing preventing the return of tailings or slurries. The ProFlex® 700 valves continue to provide full port flow while ready for the chance of return flow/back pressure.

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