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Check valves PROFLEX 700 Series is an economical way to control the back pressure in sewage treatment plants.


Company ProcoProducts, Inc. is a world leader in the manufacturing and supply of equipment for the expansion of pipelines and canals. For more than 30 years Proco has been proud to offer the most complete line of products that have a broad scope of application. These products include rubber and Teflon expansion valves, flexible hose branched connectors and seals with low torque.

In addition, the company ProcoProducts, Inc. offers rubber check valves of  ProFlex® 700 Series. This type of valve is widely used in water treatment complexes. Rubber check valves are a cost-effective way to control pressure in water treatment plants. All check valves are made of resistant rubber build-up.

Procoso Company is a member of many technical and commercial organizations, such as the FSA (Fluid Sealing Association). One of the founders of the company Rob Kofi is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, a member of the Board of Directors of the Association and works in technical committees that ensure continuous improvement of the development of expansion devices. The company is also proud of its membership in such organizations as WEF, AWWA, IDCO and the Cooling Tower Institute.

Benefits of check valves:
  • are resistant to abrasive substances;
  • have a standard NSF61 construction;
  • protect against backflow;
  • require no maintenance;
  • do not deform and do not freeze;
  • are interchangeable with flip-type valves;
  • are issued in sizes 1 "- 96";
  • are customized.

Check Valves 700 Series ProFlex are a cost-effective way to control the back pressure in the sewage treatment plants. They do not require maintenance, external power supply and control of the operator.

Check valves Series ProFlex 700 is positioned as an alternative to inefficient flip type valves that require constant maintenance. In contrast, non-return valves are capable of passing large particles without clogging and damage.

Check valves Series ProFlex 700 have the following types of connections: flanged (models 710 and 720), the coupling (models 730 and 740) in the housing (model 750) and plug-in pipe (models 770/780).

Model 710: is connected directly to the assigned flange. Both vertical and horizontal installation types are possible.
Model 720: is inserted into the tube. It is supplied with a flat flange that makes it possible to install between the existing flanges, eliminating the need for the valve body.
Model 730: is fit on the pipe and secured by means of stainless steel clips. Both vertical and horizontal installation types are possible.
Model 740 is inserted into the existing pipe. Expansion rings for secure mounting are included in the set.
Model 750: is equipped with a metal housing for easy installation in the pipeline system. Model 710 is installed inside as a check valve.
Models 770/780: consist of a plastic plate and a rubber disc. They are ideal for high back pressure in clean water facilities.

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