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BECKER - BECKER air blowers


Eco-Potential Company offers Becker products designed for wastewater aeration. All the products are certified. Becker air blowers are suitable for industrial and local systems. Aeration unit is installed in front of a wastewater tank.


  • Reliability;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Repairability;
  • Discharged air purity due to an oil-free chamber.

Becker offers not only air-blowers but also compressors for different applications.

Rotary-vane compressors

Extremely robust construction with only one shaft and a direct drive provides a considerable strength and durability of the compressor. The compressor requires minimal maintenance and needs no lubrication. Wearproof graphite is used for vanes manufacturing.

Side channel blowers

A side channel blower belongs to a vortex type. It consists of hollow rings, located at the top and bottom of the housing and in the impeller. When the impeller rotates, the air is supplied from the vane chambers to the outside. The air is being condensed due to the centrifugal force. Then the airflow enters the side channel and goes to the next chamber. The process of air sealing takes place in several stages, which allows to achieve high performance at relatively low energy consumption.

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