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HYDRIG automatic grease trap is designed to separate unbound grease and oil from wastewater. Separated grease and oil are captured in the stainless steel tank and are automatically removed from the system. Treated water comes out in a drain pipe. Solid food is separated into a removable basket.

Grease traps have a wide range of applications. They can be used in restaurants and cafes as well as in food processing industries. It can be installed directly under connected sinks for dishes, pre-wash sinks and combined ovens and woks.

Using a grease trap ensures that you eliminate or minimize fines for dirty waste water through efficient separation and removal of fats and oils. In addition, it will reduce or eliminate the cost of rapidly rising in price filters and grease traps. Trapped grease and oils contain virtually no water, so they may be used in local waste recycling companies.

Жироловка мод1-01.png

1. Greasy, dirty waste water are included in the grease trap.

2. Solid food remains fall into a removable filter basket for collecting solid particles.

3. Drain with grease passes into the middle of the grease trap.

4. With the help of the electric heater, the grease is separated from the wastewater and floats to the surface as a film. Film fat sticks to the rotating separating wheel that is cleaned with scrapers.

5. From the scrapers, grease drips into the drain off trough, whence it enters the outer container from which it can be easily removed.

6. Treated water passes under the wall screen and goes to the outlet in the wastewater system.



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