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RSS series air blowers represent innovative compact equipment of advanced design which was developed after many years of research and trial. RSS air blowers have high capacity and reduced noise and vibration levels. They do not require working chamber oiling, thus preventing oil leakage into the pumped liquid.

RSS air blowers are supplied as a ready-for-use construction which is easily installed to the mounting site by a lift truck or an overhead track crane. Blower compact construction eliminates the need for additional space and allows installation and plugging by only one person. Simple design, reliability, and rigorous standardization of installation dimensions allow to set the air blower in operation in a few hours.

Воздуходувка HYDRIG RSS

RSS blower advantages:

  • Compact size;
  • High capacity;
  • Low noise and vibration level;
  • Absence of oil in the pumped liquid.


  • In WWTP for wastewater aeration;
  • In fish farms for pond oxygen saturation;
  • In pressurizing systems;
  • In actuating and pneumatic systems.

Operation principle:

Two rotors with three blades of a definite shape rotate in the opposite directions. Air is seized when one of the rotors moves in the direction opposite from the inlet. Then the air is compressed and discharged in to the oulet providing stream residual ripple of less than 2%. This feature makes HYDRIG RSS an optimal solution for air delivery to aeration tanks of big sewage treatment plants.


Air blowers may have different components depending on customer requirements: sound insulation, certain control systems and electrical parts.

Воздуходувка HYDRIG RSS

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