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HYDRIG air blowers can be manufactured in soundproof casing or without it.


Basic components of an air blower:

1. Rotary compressor module
This is the main part of the blower. It consists of two three-blade rotors of a special shape that provides high operation pressure and high rotary speed with low air stream residual ripple. Reinforced steel bearings and cogs are able to handle more than 100 000 hours of extremely heavy loads.

2. Electric motor
One- and three-phase asynchronous motors by SIEMENS (Germany) or AIR series (Russia) are used.

3. Frame
The frame is made of top-quality steel and is powder coated. The shape of the frame allows self-straining of V-shaped transmission belts. The motor seat can be adjusted to mount a motor of a different capacity.

4. V-belt transmission
 V-belt transmission is designed to reduce the load on the blower shaft and motor bearings. Protection casing provides security of the transmission.

5. Protection transmission casing

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6. Incoming flow filter-silencer
It is designed to reduce the noise of the blower. It absorbs noise on the frequency of 500 Hz. A filter is also included to prevent clogging.

7. Back pressure valve
A back pressure valve serves for closing the reverse airflow from the pipe connected to the blower after its shutdown. The design of the valve provides free flow passage without pressure loss excluding claps and pulsation at low loads.

8. Relief valve
A relief valve serves to protect the blower and the connected pipeline from exceeding the maximum allowed working pressure. If the pressure becomes too high (due to the closure of the connected discharge pipe, for example), the valve opens and the air is released.

9. Pressure gauge
It allows to measure discharge pressure.

10. Discharge flow silencer (by request)
Outlet flow damper is designed to absorb the noise on the basic working frequency of the blower. This damper is developed especially for pressure loss by gas circulation reduction. Absence of sound insulation material prevents air pollution and guarantees stable and efficient operation during the whole service period.

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