Slavyanskiy bulvar metro station, the last carriage of the train out of the city center, at the doors turn to the right. Walk 80 m to Kutuzovsky Prospekt, then through an underpass across the prospekt, and then - up to the pedestrian crossing with traffic lights. After that, turn right and, near the corner of a block of flats (no. 5 b.1) - to the left, along the sidewall where the store and a pharmacy are situated right down the path, by the playground. Next path goes between two fences to the park. From the entrance to the park, almost without changing direction, take the second path to the right and go diagonally right to the multi-storey house (no. 10 b.6.). Walk between the house and car parking and turn right, go along the kindergarten to the end of the house, and then - to the left. Pass by the kindergarden gate to the next gate to the territory of a 3-storey building - you're almost there. After passing the gate, turn right, and passing over the sidewall of the building, go to the 1st entrance on the 2nd floor, the first door on the right.

If you are coming to us on foot from the metro station, be sure to print this scheme with house numbers!